EMRC Receives ISO9001 Standard Award

Posted August 2018

Emrooz Market Research (EMRC), one of the leading companies in market research in Iran, has been awarded the ISO9001 certificate. The ISO9001 standard, as a quality management system, seeks to ensure quality throughout the activities of an organization.

As one of the companies operating under the dnaunion group, EMRC believes that quality management system will increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders, especially customers – a satisfaction that guarantees the survival and sustainability of the organization on the market.

By adopting a procedural approach and through designing and implementing procedures and guidelines, EMRC tries to create the right circulation of the activities and constructive and favorable information among strategic business units (SBUs) and support units. This way of operating will allow customers to receive reports on production and quantitative and qualitative orders on market research with the highest international standards.

This important task cannot be realized except by knowing a systemic thinking in different layers of the organizational structure that has been accepted as a general principle by EMRC.

EMRC has also extended the ISO20252 quality management standard in market research.

The following steps have been taken by EMRCto comply with ISO20252 and ISO9001:

• Designing and implementing procedures and guidelines and other qualitative documentation from three perspectives: management procedures, core procedures and logistics procedures.

• Controlling and reviewing trends appropriate for the organization's strategy and customer requirements for the effectiveness of quality records with a continuous improvement approach.

• Documentation and archiving of quality management system documents and company projects as EMRC knowledge and organizational capital.

• Formation of an audit team and conducting internal audits as well as preventive and corrective actions.

• Establishment of an independent unit of systems and procedures under the direct supervision of the CEO.

• Designing a system for evaluating the performance of company procedures

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